Saving Lives With The Devon Lock

The Devon Lock is the only patented device that keeps tires on after bearing failure. The product came about after three deaths in a ‘wheel off’ accident on an Alberta highway. Devastated by the loss and frustrated with the bearing failure issue, Devon sought after a solution.

Enter The Devon Lock, developed as a cost-effective, simple conversion they are now working with truck and trailer manufacturers, insurance underwriters, government departments, national trucking associations and more along with being patented in Canada and the United States.

CategoryCode had the pleasure of working with Devon Lock to create a website to help make a difference, one tire at a time.

Devon Lock Website

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Notice: We’re Upgrading!

Important notice to all CategoryCode clients that host their website with us, we will be upgrading our server (tonight) Oct. 10, 2013 from 7PM-9PM PST. We do apologize in advance for the downtime involved but we have made every effort to minimize the impact of this change but we expect to be down for approx. one hour.

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Getting on the Move with Jay Berg

Looking to buy or sell your home in Edmonton? Three time award winning REALTOR® Jay Berg has a goal to help people get on the move! Jay has built a solid reputation with Century 21 Vantage Realty Ltd. and has been fortunate to have received three outstanding awards from Century 21 in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

We helped Jay and his team launch a brand new real estate website. We utilized the WordPress IDX plugin from MyRealPage to display Jay’s listings in our custom WordPress website.

We created a fully responsive WordPress real estate website with a focus on easy access to listings and their contact information.

Check out Jay Berg’s website today!

Jay Berg's Website

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Break a sweat with TNP Fitness

TNP Fitness Studio

A good friend of mine, Kaylor Betts recently made the move from personal trainer to owner of a private studio – TNP Fitness Studio. Kaylor has helped hundreds of people live a healthy lifestyle and when opportunity came knocking, he answered and opened a private fitness studio.

TNP Fitness has ditched the memberships and focus purely on helping people achieve their goals. Whether it is through one-on-one personal training, one of their many group training classes or through nutritional education and guidance they will help anyone who is willing to put in the work.

We worked with Kaylor to develop the corporate brand for TNP Fitness. We developed their identity and their website. We wanted to create something meaningful, so we created an identity with an underlying meaning. The ribbon which changes size signifies the journey and transformation of their clients.

Check out TNP Fitness today!

TNP Fitness Logo

TNP Fitness Website

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Enjoy Casual Italian Dining at Massimo’s Cucina Italiana

Looking for some great Italian food? Check out Massimo’s Cucina Italiana. Massimo’s is a casual Italian restaurant opened in Edmonton’s Southside beside the Southside Italian Centre Shop. Convenient location since it is an extension of the Spinelli family kitchen.

CategoryCode had the pleasure of working with Massimo’s and MarinaMMedia to launch the restaurants website. It was a pleasure to create a work of art to match their wonderful branding. It was fantastic to learn about the heritage, the naming of the company and how they imported the staff from Italy to serve food like you would receive in Italy.

Visit Massimo’s Cucina Italiana today!

Massimo's Cucina Italiana Website

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What to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

Today I read an article on 10 terrible reasons to redesign your website by HubSpot. If you haven’t read it already, check it out.

HubSpot outlines 10 extremely common occurrences and reasons companies want to redesign their website. Unfortunately these are all the wrong reasons! According to HubSpot’s 2013 Website Redesign Report (coming soon) most companies redesign their website every 6 months to 2 years. You might be thinking “Cha-Ching!” if your a web designer. But as a business, the redesign of your website should be done with a specific purpose, not the 10 reasons they outline! Here they are;

The 10 Terrible Reasons

  1. “It’s Been 8 Months Since My Last Redesign”
  2. “Because the CEO said So”
  3. “My Website Lacks Flare”
  4. “It’s Not Pixel-Perfect”
  5. “I Want It to Look Like Apple”
  6. “The Competition Just Updated Theirs”
  7. “We Need to Improve Our SEO”
  8. “My Site Needs More Product Information”
  9. “I Want to Look ‘Bigger’”
  10. “Because It’s a Major Announcement”

As ridiculous as some of these reasons sound, they are all too common. I see variations of #1 – #6 all the time. These essentially are all “Just Because”. Just because you want something flashy, just because your competitor updated theirs, or just because it doesn’t look “just-right”. The unfortunate reality is that redesigning your website “Just Because” may not have any impact on your businesses bottom line.

“More than 1/3 of marketers don’t know if their site metrics improved after their site redesign…” – HubSpot

First off, your website may already perform well. Do you know? Are your tracking the proper metrics? If not, you don’t know if your current website works and your definitely won’t know if your new website works “better”, you could even make this worse.

To speak to #3 directly. I have seen many websites that may not “look” the best but are extremely successfully. Just some food for thought. How a website works or functions may not be directly correlated to how it looks.

#7 – #10 usually can all be accomplished without a full website re-design, saving the business a lot of money. We recently took a website that looked extremely outdated and spent roughly 15-30 minutes tweaking the stylesheet and made it look updated, cleaner and more usable to it’s audience. We saved them the cost of a full website redesign.

Small changes can be extremely effective (and cost-effective). For example, if you run an online-store and want to generate more sales. Your first thought may be to redesign your website. Well let’s stop and address the situation. First, make sure you are properly tracking your sales funnel. This allows you to analyze where your trouble spots are. Maybe your customers are having a difficult time finding product information, or maybe they are dropping off on the payment page, etc.

Data is extremely useful. You may realize you can redesign/test the product page, to make the call to action better. Possibly add in testimonials or reviews of happy customers. Or try shortening the order form, possibly putting it on 1 page vs. 2 so less people drop off.

Considering a Redesign?

If your considering a redesign, I challenge you. First, make sure your properly tracking the performance on your current website. Second, analyze what your goals are. Do you simply want a new website because you don’t quite like the look since you look at it 15 times a day, or are you looking for accomplish a specific goal such as getting more newsletter subscribers?

I hope this allows you to make a smarter decision next time your considering redesigning your website.

Italian Centre Shop Launches New Website With Online Ordering

The Italian Centre Shop is an Edmonton-based retailer providing specialty European products you typically cannot find anywhere else. Frank Spinelli opened the doors of the first store in 1959, and thirteen years ago, daughter Teresa took over the family business.

To co-inside with the opening of their new Westend store on 170th street and 90th avenue, CategoryCode had the pleasure of working with MarinaMMedia and the Italian Centre Shop to launch their new website.

With the launch of their new website customers can now purchase Party Trays, Cakes, Gift Baskets and Gift Cards from the comfort of their home.


Visit the new website today.

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How to Execute Javascript in the Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

This is a follow up post to my previous post on tracking Google Analytics goals in Gravity Forms.

In this post I will go over a setting that controls whether Gravity Forms will strip out any code entered in the confirmation box. This ties directly into my previous post, if the box is not checked, your goal won’t be tracked because Gravity Forms will strip out the javascript. Enough jibber jabber, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts.

Form Confirmations

Gravity Forms Confirmations

First you will want to select your form, then go to your form Confirmations. Select your confirmation, in my case I just have the ‘Default Confirmation’ setup.

Disable Auto-formatting

Gravity Forms Auto-formatting

If you are attempting you execute any code, you must check “Disable Auto-formatting”. According to Gravity Forms, this feature does the following:

When enabled, auto-formatting will insert paragraph breaks automatically. Disable auto-formatting when using HTML to create the confirmation content.

By default (leaving un-checked), this will be enabled. By disabling, or checking this. We will allow our HTML, or Javascript to execute properly.

If you would like to know how to track Google Analytics goals with WordPress and Gravity Forms check out my previous post.

Digital Marketing and The Ability To Track ROI

Since the dawn of the Internet age, there has been a massive shift in how we consume information. Instead of needing to access the library and read a book to obtain historical information, we have Wikipedia and readily available online sources. Rather than having to contact a travel agent to find the best price, we surf the web and browse our “go-to” travel sites to find the best deal. It is important to keep in mind that consumers today spend over 43% of their media time with digital channels, a higher percentage than ever before. Not only has this caused a shift in how we obtain information, it has opened up a whole new idea of how to market to consumers while we spend time on these digital channels.

With traditional media avenues, such as paper ads, print, billboards or direct mailing, tracking was always a marketing hurdle. You were never truly able to tie ROI back to these traditional efforts. Digital marketing helps bring ROI tracking to reality. With the implementation of proper tracking methods, companies have been able to tie ROI back to their digital marketing efforts, making them much more appealing to businesses—both large and small. Just a few examples, custom campaign links can be created to track ROI from paid ad campaigns. We can identify key areas driving online sales via Google Analytics and target areas where we want to improve. All of these digital marketing methods circle back to tracking and the ability to track all online activity and present accurate ROI.

While traditional marketing methods should still be present in your marketing mix, the developments in online tracking methods have contributed to a transformation from traditional to more digital marketing avenues. Get on board the ROI train with our Edmonton-based digital marketing agency and let us show you digital marketing done right.

Three Things You Should do BEFORE Paying for SEO Services

Did you know that 90 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine? If nothing else highlights the importance of optimizing your website for search engines, that will. Content based search engine optimization, or SEO, is used by many businesses to increase their rankings in search engines for keywords and key terms.

Most companies decide to invest in SEO services, since performing SEO in house successfully requires an investment of time, money, personnel, and program development. Before paying for SEO services, however, there are several things you should do.

1. Add a blog to your website.

Is it surprising that over 40 percent of companies have blogs on their websites? Not at all, once you realize that blogs contribute 400 percent more pages to search indexing, and increase web traffic by an average of 55 percent. Content strategy is important for increasing page views. For this reason, many businesses pay SEO companies to primarily write blog posts for them. Blogs lead to sales.

2. Sign up and install Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a great tool because it is informative, provides daily feedback, and it is free. Signing up for Google Analytics gives you tools to analyze your mobile, conversion, advertising, social media, and content success rates. Which pages have a high jump rate? What posts get the most organic clicks? How well do you promote yourself via social media? Not only can it point out flaws with what you are doing, but it can lead you in the direction of better advertising. This tool will even tell you what keywords people are searching for before they click on your site.

3. Invest in great web design and development.

What is the point of directing people to your site via SEO, if your site is so poorly designed that no one wants to stay there? The majority of people searching sites on their phone, for example, will leave your page if it takes longer than four seconds to begin loading. Web design companies are worth the investment, especially today when a badly designed site makes users question legitimacy and professionalism. My web designing tips… invest in a quality website, that will make your site mobile compatible, quick to load, easy to navigate, and modern and organized in its layout.